It’s Time to Increase the Size of the House of Representatives.

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650 members of House of Commons in UK representing 66 million people = 1 rep for 101,000 people 435 members of House of Representatives in US representing 340 million people = 781,000 people. To get the same level of representation in the US that the UK has, the House should be increased to 3,366 members.


I’ve been saying this for years. The HoR is way too small for a country with this population. The other issue I have is that representative terms are too short. 2 years means they’re almost always campaigning. Personally I think it should be 4 years with staggered elections like the senate. Honestly though it’s wishful thinking.


Hey everyone- remember when Trump cut the census short and tried to end it early? pepperidge farms does:/


I like this idea as a countermeasure to gerrymandering. The states that are gerrymandered the worst are going to be the hardest to correct legislatively and the judiciary has obviously punted on this as being an issue for them to address and it seems that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. I’m also not a huge fan of the current EC and would prefer to have the president elected by a popular vote. I’d be curious to see how increasing the size of the House would have impacted the last ten or so presidential elections. For instance, if we increased the house by 25%, 50% or even 100% does that change the final outcome of the election?


Agreed, but christ that’s gonna turn it into even more of a zoo than it already is.