JetBlue canceled my flight and is refusing to refund me.

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The United States DOT mandates they refund you. Mention that when you call or try contacting the DOT if it doesn’t go favorably soon. When my flights were moved dozens of times during COVID I wanted a refund which they wouldn’t offer until I mentioned the DOT then they were friendly and compliant.


I would’ve just done exactly what you did. Call my credit card company and said not to pay it. Consumer protection is my favorite part about credit cards (assuming the bank is good and will act in your favor). That’s absolutely insane that they won’t refund you. I had a flight on southwest that got delayed 45 minutes. Upon landing, I received a $200 southwest voucher. I didn’t even realize there was a delay. Granted this was years ago but that’s the sort of customer experience I have come to expect, I’m sorry you have to deal with this. I would just call JetBlue and try to escalate it but, in my opinion, there’s no way your credit card company will force you to pay that bill so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Unless you have Bank of America, I’ve experienced some pretty bad ordeals trying to get charges off my account and their protection was so bad I ended up canceling the card. Not speaking for everyone who has dealt with them but that was my experience.


This is what the US Department of Transportation calls an involuntary schedule change, and if the change causes a significant delay, you are entitled to a refund, regardless if the ticket purchased was refundable or not.


Thanks for reminding me why jet blue is blocked from my corporate travel system.