Jury awards Manitowoc woman more than $125 million in discrimination lawsuit against Walmart

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The headline doesn’t mention it, but the woman has Down syndrome and worked for Walmart for about 16 years. She was fired in 2015, and the grand jury found that her firing violated the Americans with Disabilities Act: > The lawsuit, filed in 2017, claimed Walmart violated the ADA, which prohibits discrimination based on an employee’s disability, when it fired Spaeth rather than accommodate her disability-related request for a change in hours. > Specifically, the EEOC argued that Walmart caused Spaeth “significant difficulty” when it altered her long-standing work schedule and refused to either return her to her prior schedule or adjust her start and end times by 60 to 90 minutes. > The lawsuit stated that Spaeth’s condition requires that she maintain a rigid daily schedule, including eating dinner at the same time every night to avoid falling ill. Spaeth argued in the suit that Walmart’s actions and refusal to accommodate her request to alter the new schedule forced her to miss meals and made her sick on multiple occasions. So it sounds like the lawsuit was definitely justified. Unfortunately, she’ll only see $300,000 of the 125 million the jury awarded, because “under federal law, the damages Spaeth was awarded will be reduced to the maximum allowed of $300,000.” That’s sounds pretty bullshit.


I think what’s fucked about this ruling is that the point of the punitive damages being so high was because a billion dollar company would actually move to prevent such issues that resulted in the lawsuit from happening again; don’t actually have to because the damages are going to be reduced to 300k. It’s like a parking ticket to Walmart, so they’re not going to change their policy at all. With a $125 million fine against the billions in income Walmart receives they *might* have looked at correcting the issue that led to this. Paying $450k they’re not going to even blink at it.


When you have a mental disability Wal-Mart is the worst place to work. I have Autism (Granted I didn’t know I had Autism at the time I worked there, was finally diagnosed after I quit) but when I worked for Wal-Mart I was bullied by managers because they could tell I was different and a little slow (mentally)


Gotta be on the next Manitowoc Minute, right?


One of the worst parts about being an hourly ~~wage-slave~~ worker is that management (even when I WAS management there was always someone higher) that decides to play god with your schedule becuase they “think it needs to be adjusted to shake things up”. From the largest corps like Walmart to the lowest mom & pop dispensary in a brand new industry this happens all the time and it’s infuriating.