Lab-Grown Foie Gras Receives French Government Support, Tastes Delicious – The fatty delicacy is facing an existential crisis of ethical proportions. Could the cultured-meat industry revive its fortunes?

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Will it be named Faux Gras?


I personally would love to see this. I see lab gown foods going for the hard goals of mimicking beef which is hard to emulate due to the complex textures and connective tissues. Id hope theyd shoot for this and tuna due to humane and sustainability reasons. Plus foie is mostly fat anyway theyd just need to find a way to get it so you could sear and brown it without it melting into mush.


Foie gras is not facing an existential crisis of ethical proportions; it faces an ethical crisis of existential proportions.


This is perfect. It always confused me why people tried to start off with chicken that’s cheap as chips when you could’ve started off with foie gras or other premium products which are something like $200 a kilo. Edit: most of you seemed to have missed the point. You’re not using foie gras to replace chicken. You’re using foie gras to help refine the technology because it has a higher price you see a return on investment sooner and you can use that revenue to help fund chicken/beef/pork R&D.


I’m all in with lab grown meat. I hope it really starts to take off.