Letting AI Decide your Investments

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As someone working in the field, most things that claim they’re using AI are full of shit. I expect this to be especially true for anything in the finance sector as they essentially can claim to be a proprietary black box. If anyone truly founded an AI that was worthwhile, they wouldn’t attempt to monetize it with an ETF. It’s just an algorithm, an algorithms are only as good as the people that design them. They’re trying to sell you on a buzzword. A 0.75% expense ratio combined with a massive amount of churn, and their second largest investment right now is Tesla stock. This will not win in the long term. You will regret it compared to any generalized passive fund that’s far more efficient as an investment vehicle.


Maybe the AI will eventually just buy S&P500.


> AI Powered if(…) else if(…) … else(…)


I have worked in and with AI since 2007 and I can tell you that everywhere they promise artificial intelligence you still have a lot of artificial stupidity.


I’ve been investing in an etf that relies on an algorithm that optimizes after-tax-and-fee returns based on a real time weighting of the current decisions of all forward-looking individual investors in the world. So really more vast parallel processing of human intelligence plus all associated ML/AI approaches. The fund is called “VT”, and I really think they’re going places.