LPT: Always write down the date you start taking a new medication, supplement, or vitamin. Later on, this can be useful to trace symptoms and side effects so you don’t self-diagnose something horrible.

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I had a bad back for 12 months followed by sore elbow joints. Then read that I should supplement high levels of vitamin D3 with a vitamin K2 dose…. A week later my back was better and no more sore elbows


If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can log supplements and symptoms in the Health app


If I had known this, I might not have spent weeks trying to fix my “acid reflux/gastrointestinal” issues and simply stopped taking my new dry eye pills containing a large amount of fish oil. All the diet/lifestyle/medication changes can overlap a lot making it hard to track down the suspect so this tip can help!


If you have Android, you can log in the MyTherapy app.