LPT: Make it a habit to compliment customer service workers, they’re so used to abuse and difficult customers that it will make their day and you’ll feel second hand happiness as a result

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After 20 years in the service industry, I can attest that this can really save a persons whole day. Also, it was seeing how kind & gentle my partner was with people in service positions that showed me what kind of person they were – anyone can be nice to the person they’re trying to bang, but to be equally nice to a stranger handing you a toll booth ticket is much more indicative of a good person.


Yeah, even if I’m calling because I’m upset I always start off letting them know I know my issue isn’t with or directed at them personally


I told this girl at a pizza place that I loved her glasses. I had recently gotten myself a pair and I know it’s hard to find the perfect one for you. But I still thought it was an awkward compliment to give/person would probably be like thanks and give me a weird look… Guys. She was SO PSYCHED. She was a hostess and looked a bit bored/slouched against the wall. She got UP off the wall, I swear her face brightened up a few degrees in the lighting And her grin… and then she told me ALL about Warby Parker and the locations and the online retailers…….. 🙂 made my day 🙂


Once had a super long line at Avis to rent a car. For some reason no one’s name was on the board (for members, they put it up there with a parking space so you can skip the counter altogether). Heard several folks ripping this poor young lady for the wait. After about 45 minutes, it was my turn. I told her that I’m sorry she had to work all alone with such a crowd, and that I knew it wasn’t her fault, and I’d send my complaints direct to corporate. She smiled, said thank you, and asked me if it was okay if she upgraded me to a BMW.