LPT: When you’re traveling to a new country and unsure of where to stay, search the areas the major hotel chains are in as those are usually the tourist friendly safe areas

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It depends on whether you want to see the country or stay at a major hotel chain. Typically, major hotel chain hotels are all alike and in built-up or very touristy areas which don’t give you a good feel for the country. There are many MANY nice hotels and B&Bs and ecolodges in areas away from chain hotels that are beautiful, authentic and safe. As a single woman who has traveled a lot, I try to always avoid chain hotels and seek out something more authentic. Safety when traveling has a lot more to do with where you go away from your hotel, what you do, how you conduct yourself and your situational awareness.


Got it. When travelling stay in hotel. Thanking you.


ie stay in expensive areas


good lord, this sub somehow manages to just keep topping itself