Meet the humanists: ‘You don’t have to be Christian to think of yourself as a good person’

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I mean one could argue the only true good people are the ones that don’t have to be threatened with eternal damnation to be good


Belief has nothing to do with how “good” you are, it only shows how ignorant or mentally lazy you are


Well of course, if you need some divine power and a promise of an afterlife to make you act with kindness and compassion then are you really good or you’re just doing it for the reward? Every time i get into an argument with a religious person they ask me something on the lines of “If there is no God, heaven and hell what is the point of living”? Omg xD If there is then what is the point of living? why don’t you just kill yourself? holy hell


Immediately think Kurt Vonnegut every time I see humanist. I’m guessing I’m not the only person around here heavily influenced by his writings.