Merkel calls for climate change action as she surveys flood damage

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She and her party had 16 fucking years to do something. Every German knows what the CDU’s position is on climate protection. Even though I am absolutely convinced that her grief over what happened is genuine, this call is just PR blala.


2030: Germany’s been hit with the most severe heatwave ever. “Guys, do you think we should do something about that climate change thing everyone’s talking about?”


Sooo, about those coal power plants…


Wtf Merkel, your party is the embodiment of non-action on climate change. We’re one of the leading nations, if not THE leading nation in the EU and you have done nothing in 16 years to push for serious action on climate change. For fucks sake, you’re a scientist and I’m 100% certain you know climate change is the worst danger humanity is facing currently and yet you did nothing in 16 years.


The whole world has been calling for this since the 90s?