Millions of Families Waking Up with More in the Bank Today Thanks to the Biden Child Tax Credit

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Imagine thinking putting more money and therefore more food in the bellies of the poorest children in America is a bad thing Just think about the type of person who thinks like that.


> Through the Biden Child Tax Credit, House Democrats and the President have delivered for America’s working families. While Congressional Republicans abandoned families, Congressional Democrats fought for them. The Biden Child Tax Credit will make historic strides in cutting child poverty, empowering millions of working families and bolstering local economies to Build Back Better.


Good more money in pockets means more money in the economy. More money in the economy more good paying jobs.


Silly me when I saw this thread I thought if ever there was a bipartisan issue then feeding and helping children would surely be it. Having read many of the posts in this thread I realized how foolish it was of me to think that. There is no bottom to this is there?


JRB is doing so much good even with tiny majorities in Congress. Just imagine how much more he can do if we the people elect more democrats to congress in 2022!