My(f20) parents found my sister’s(f16) post regarding abortion, and they’re forcing her to have the child as “punishment” for hiding it

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Your sister should talk to child protective services and/or a school counselor ASAP. If you are in a fundamentalist area of the country they may not help much, but I’m pretty sure that in more enlightened areas forcing your child to have a child would be considered child abuse. Also can you take her to Planned Parenthood? In most states minors can consent to abortion, some require her to seek a judge’s permission. But your local Planned Parenthood will know.


Make an apointment for her and take her there yourself if that’s the only way.


OMG! Help your sister! She is being isolated and forced to carry out a pregnancy that she doesn’t want! This is awful for her and the unwanted product of her pregnancy. Your parents will ruin two lives so that they can punish your sister for having different morals? Help her escape and take her to the clinic if that’s what she wants.


Your parents are capital-A abusive, and they belong in prison. If they were doing that in a third world country, the UN would quite literally call it a war crime. Your sister should get out of that house ASAGDMFP, tonight if possible, and report them to the proper authorities the moment it is safe to do so.


You need to stress that her parents DO NOT have her best interests in mind. Sex, love, and marriage are not mutually inclusive or exclusive. She did nothing wrong. Going through someone else’s shit is never a good thing. Her parents want an obedient slave they do not want a freethinking and self-actualizing child. Parents should teach, not punish. If her parents actually cared about her they wouldn’t be forcing religion on her. They would be supporting her endeavors whilst explaining their views. Her life is not theirs to live.