Netflix to court older viewers as flow of young fans slows down

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You know why the young fans have stopped fanning over it? Because the *let’s throw something at the wall and see if it sticks approach* is exhausting and frankly, the value for money is gone because of the channelization of streaming services. Younger people are also far more comfortable with pirating because that’s where we seem to be headed yet again.


You mean I don’t have to see a new half assed YA tv series every week that can’t keep anyone’s attention longer than half an episode? Say it ain’t so /s


That’s what happens when you let people get hooked on a show then you cancel it way to soon over and over and over again


I just wish they would slow down and focus on quality over quantity. I’m sure I’m missing one or two but I just can’t really think of big releases being talked about since like Queen’s Gambit or Hill House 2 and those were back in October I believe. D+, HBO Max and others have had all of the series that are being talked about. Part of this may be due to the way they release shows but I think alot of it is just Netflix lacking quality shows recently.


Then stop fucking canceling OA and mindhunter after two fucking seasons like you do with everything else that’s actually good.