Pizzeria workers, what’s the most disgusting or ridiculous pizza someone has ordered?

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I already commented but I have another one. Some lady didn’t like the cheese turning brown as it cooked in the oven so she wanted her freshly made pizza microwave cooked instead so the cheese would still be the same color lol


One customer always complained it wasn’t hot/spicy enough. He was on the edge of the route and never tipped..Fed up I ladled 3 big scoops of jalapeño juice onto his pizza. It burned everyone’s eyes while going through the conveyor. Delivered it to no tip. After that he said he loved it and tipped well!


Honestly the most ridiculous or perhaps annoying was this old guy who’d order a pepperoni pizza. But hold the pepperoni. So I’d say, “a cheese pizza?” And he’d insist, a pepperoni pizza with no pepperoni.


Worked at a papa johns where people called in occasionally asking us to make purposely gross pizza. Probably for pranks or lost bets. Extra pineapple juice and anchovies on a chicken Alfredo sauce, slightly undercooked.


The extra extra pepperoni guy. He would order a deep dish pizza extra extra pepperoni and specifically request that we send it through the oven twice. This resulted in at top layer of pepperoni that was burned to charcoal but that is what he wanted. He ordered it every other week.