Revealed: leak uncovers global abuse of cyber-surveillance weapon | Surveillance

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Well no shit. Snowden warned us years ago.


Spying is never used for good. It is used for advantage and leverage.


My favorite thing about this whole story: in the same breath that NSO argues that the claims are “baseless and exaggerated,” they also claim that they do not operate their software and have no insight into any specific government’s intelligence activities. If you have no idea what your customers are doing, how could you possibly know anything about the veracity of the reports? But then again, they also claim they have the ability to shut down its customers spy networks at any time, which seriously calls into question their claim of having no idea what their customers do with their software. There’s no way you can have one and not the other. So either they are lying through their teeth, or their spokesperson is dumb as hell.


50,000 compromised? The NSA is laughing in 332 Million.


The government’s of the world are out of control