Revealed: the true extent of America’s food monopolies, and who pays the price | Food & drink industry

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“It’s widely agreed that consumers, farmers, small food companies and the planet lose out if the top four firms control 40% or more of total sales.” That’s an oddly specific statement. The article has some interesting info but un-backed assertions like this discredit the journalist and the paper.


I see the chart showing most of those categories have like 4 or 5 companies in them and even then they make up at most 60% of the market. That’s not even close to a monopoly. Fearmongering headline. I do think those companies probably have undue lobbying power due to size and money


The writer is uses “oligopolies” in the 2nd to last sentence so they are at least aware of the word and the concept, but chose to go with the click bait monopolies headline instead, then provide data showing the closest thing to a monopoly in all their examples is “Single serve prepared sloppy sauce” which was probably cherry picked to help their bar charts fit the narrative. Shit writing like this just discredits journalist in general because it happens across so many topics.


Depends what food you’re buying. There are so many choices at US grocery stores you could easily avoid these companies


There are a ton of problems with this. For one it’s not clear how they’re accounting for store brands. Which pretty materially impact this sort of competitive analysis. For another they seem to be confusing branded monopolistic competition with normal oligopolies.