Roommate says his employer asked for my (and other roommates) bank account.

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There are possibly a few misunderstandings happening here by various people. Your roommate could be misunderstanding what is being asked of them. Likely there is a work policy that requires financial disclosure of “everyone in your household” that your roommate is misunderstanding. Thats not unusual for some jobs, to make sure there are no conflicts of interest re: investments or something. (Or to make sure no one is drowning in debt and therefore could be easily manipulated to steal/sell company secrets) Your “household” really just means “your family and those dependent on you” like spouse, children, dependent parents or relatives etc. Roommate could be misunderstanding the “household” policy. Or someone at their work could be misunderstanding the policy and when asked said “yeah, anybody living in your house”. Household, imo, should mean here “those who you comingle finances with”. Either way, nah, just dont do it until you get more information at the least. If the job is persistent about it, thats not your problem, its your roommate who needs to sort this out. Edit: It could totally be the job’s policy for sure, a weird one, but possible. And if so, well thats on the roommate. You have every right to refuse. Thats a really odd requirement and a unique burden that your roommate is responsible for. They can move out or find a new job if you refuse to do it. Not saying you need to refuse, but thats a pretty big trust thing that should have been talked about beforehand. Dont feel like youre being unreasonable to refuse.


Even if this is completely legit on his end, how is it in any way your problem? “My boss says you need to do this” “Uhhhh…… No?” *Life for you continues on as usual*


Think he is misunderstanding the use of the word “household”.


Its for his company to track brokerage accounts to ensure that there aren’t any reportable transactions (think insider trading). This only applies to immediate family members in their household, so unless you are siblings, parent/ child, or spouses, you will not need to provide anything.