Russia sees COVID cases skyrocket as many refuse vaccine, or lie about getting it

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“Authorities have blamed everything from Russian nihilism to the sense of freedom that developed following the collapse of the Soviet Union” “Why would I get vaccinated?” one man with fairly typical views told CBS News. “I’m a healthy man and never got sick, so I don’t need it… If I get sick then I get sick, what’s the difference? That’s my personal choice.”


So you lie to your citizens for decades, then you wonder why they don’t trust you. Hmmmm.


Geopolitically, I love it. Serves Russia right for disseminating fake news in the U.S. On the other hand, I feel bad for the average Russian people.


An untrustworthy government will not be trusted by its people, even when it tells the truth. For years, the Russian government has sown distrust both domestically and internationally by use of the fire hose of falsehood, such that its people don’t know what to believe and come to doubt if the truth even exists. Now the government expects the people to trust them. But they won’t trust them. Trust has to be sown over time and with repeated examples of good faith. The Russian government has only itself to blame.


Oh my god, the troll farms are drinking their own koolaid!