Several churches are worshipping the gospel of Trump just as much as Christianity. Evangelicals and nondenominational Christians are still fighting for Trump’s mission to “Make America Great Again,” seeking to make the country into a theocracy.

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Obviously it is fundamentalists who are the visible enemies as, with anything, balanced rationalism is the answer which is the antithesis of fundamentalism. A muslim with a bomb pack is no different from a christian killing an abortion doctor. The problem is the insidiousness of religion. We are told that 99% of the religious are good honest people. That we should respect the individual whether or not we believe in their beliefs. However, organised religion is a different thing. It is clearly a scourge on society, it has no redeeming advantages for society even if there are deities. There is nothing that religion brings that cannot be attained in a secular community. Only by shunning anyone who places their hard-earned dollars in the collection plate supporting these organisations can we lessen the influence religion places over all of us.


Let’s say the USA becomes a theocracy. How would they decide which branch of Christianity to follow. Would it be convert to the state sponsored version or die. Would there be religious wars between Catholics, Methodist, Protestant, and Baptist. I wouldn’t want to live here but it would be entertaining.


Their idea of “great” is considerably different than mine.


Evangelicals failed the test. This guy is a certified scumbag.


These are the exact same assholes that scream, cry and fearmonger over Sharia Law coming to the US with Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. But, they’re advocating for the exactly same thing, just a different book…and white.