SEX SLAVES (2020) Secrets Of The Multi-Billion Dollar Human Trafficking Industry [01:28:28]

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Me seeing this link: “Its a nice sunny sunday afternoon, maybe a true crime documentary and chill, what could go wrong?” Me a half hour in… “everything.”


The saddest part of these documentaries is always the motherly, friendly looking women who are tasked to prime the young girls. Heartbreaking stuff. Unrelated but kind of related but this is why ethical porn is so important. You’re not supporting these monsters


I saw this or a similar video on the same ladies a few months ago. It stuck with me, and after a while I figured it out – they didn’t blur out their faces. They became more real, and the step-by-step focus also helped paint the story and made their ordeal more real (i.e. I didn’t have to piece missing pieces together).


just FYI…this is nothing, nothing compared to what happens to girls that go as domestic workers in Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates. They might not have pimps but they also live in their “pimps'” houses. Their passports are taken away and they are literally slaves, whatever type of slave the house owner and the lady of the house wants i.e. The reason that you dont hear about them is because they are usually not blonde, blue eyed girls but black or of south east Asian descent. No one talks about them (i am not saying this is not heart breaking. It really is.)


Absurdly evil