South Africa (2021) – More than 100 dead in worst unrest since apartheid [00:11:22]

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I actually live in the hardest hit province in South Africa. I have been manning road barricades with my community to stop looters. Now they are harming our community with petrol bombs. While this is happening the looters have burned down many trucks carrying supplies and as a result the supermarkets are out of essential food items like bread and milk. It will take us a while to recover.


interesting but not exactly what i would consider a documentary


Unpopular opinion: People with in-depth knowledge of SA warned of this but were casually dismissed as racists. SA is an extremely tribal country and all the rainbow talk in the world isn’t going to prevent the continuing melt-down which (heaven forbid) might end up in a genocidal conflict. Thing is, it would be too politically incorrect for any of the powerful nations to step in. The optics, you see. So it’s much easier just to bomb Syria instead.


This is a major crisis. Poachers are about to be running rampant for both food and endangered species that can be exchanged to the East Asian Medicine Blackmarket, since I’m sure there are some that will believe rhino horn can cure/prevent Covid. Things are going to get much worse before they get better.


They really seem to gloss over a lot of the issues here….