‘Spreading like wildfire’: Fauci, surgeon general take aim at COVID misinformation online

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Serious question on this topic: Why does Mr. Reddit allow the NoNewNormal sub to exist? It’s where misinformation goes to get its misinformation.


I remember studying the First Amendment in college. The professor, a lawyer that went to school with George Wallace, made it quite clear that there were limits. The example he made to drive home the point was the classic ‘yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded movie theater’ when there was no fire. Of course, there are libel laws, sedition, and obscenity. None of these seem to apply to COVID-19.


Not everyone drinks the Kool-Aid even if it’s free for the taking. Ignore the misinformation. If not, free speech will have an uphill battle.


It’s time we disconnect Russia, Israel, China, and India from the U.S. internet. Those cables should never have been built. These countries can create propaganda on websites right in the U.S., straight from the comfort of their chairs. It’s an absolute dream to them. Cut the internet lines.