Teachers can destroy lives and the victims will still blame themselves.

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Sounds a lot like parents


Teachers can be responsible for the people with the greatest achievements in the world and get almost no recognition.


Thank you for calling it what it is. I was severly bullied by teachers all the way from nursery school to my high school. I don’t know what was it in me that made them single me out from thd crowd, but i developed such anxiety from being forced to stand im front of my whole class and being berated numerous times for my hand me down clothes, my sleepiness in class (father was a violent alcoholic so many nights were sleepless), lack of concentration, missing homework etc. I was already a shy and quiet child, being forced to stand in front of thirty kids laughing at me was unbearable. I would get tremors and get nauseous before school. After school i would get beaten up, both by bullies and at home. Those days there was no therapy, no help available. Due to my poor grades i would be tested but the tests showed above average intelligence. Still, noone asked what’s wrong. And i still blame myself all the years later. And i still deal with all the trauma. Therapy just could not help. EDIT: Thank you for the award. Bear hugs to all of us out there that went through that crap.


You should see the psychological destruction that goes on In catholic school


A number of my teachers were so psychologically abusive that I often wished it was legal for them to just hit me, that way they could get it out of their system instead of resorting to organized bullying. I wasn’t even their primary victim.