Ted Cruz mocked for blaming rise in Covid cases in Texas on illegal immigrants

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>Conservative political analyst, Bill Kristol, criticized Senator Cruz’s claims for having no basis in reality. >“By the way, and not taking this totally dishonest and bad-faith comment by Cruz seriously, here’s an honest question: Do we automatically vaccinate people we pick up at the border? Or for that matter unvaccinated people coming into the country in any way? Shouldn’t we?” he tweeted. >Mr Cruz was also attacked by Shannon Watts, the founder of the gun action group Moms Demand Action. >“On August 2, it will be two years since a gunman – motivated by racism – drove nine hours to El Paso to shoot and kill immigrants. Ted Cruz knows full well that his dangerous rhetoric puts a target on the back of every brown person in Texas,” she tweeted. >Mr Cruz was also mocked by Project Lincoln co-founder, Reed Galen. >“It’s not, Ted. It’s because you and all your vaccinated friends are telling your supporters to catch Covid. To own the libs by dying for your ambition and cynicism,” he tweeted.


Lol, if Mexicans are the issue, why don’t we just blame it on him for bringing COVID back from Cancun?


No … it’s your constituents not getting vaccinated.


Ted Cruz fled the country and left people to freeze to death mere months ago. He left his own dog (who he named “Snowflake” because he’s an asshole) to die. Ted Cruz is the exact illegal immigrant he is pissing his pants about: He ran away to Mexico when life in his own country became problematic. **EDIT**: So apparently he left someone to take care of the dog before fleeing the country. Still makes him an asshole for several reasons: 1. He can’t care too much for the dog if he leaves him at all, regardless of if he does the bare minimum necessary to keep the dog alive. 2. How many of us could afford to leave someone in charge of our pets if we just up and left for Mexico at the drop of a hat? 3. There was still no heat in the house, so you could argue Ted Cruz abandoned a dog **and** the poor bastard he left to take care of the dog. 4. Ted Cruz’s response to Texas power going out and starting to freeze, as a Senator from Texas, was to flee the country and blame his teenage daughters.