Texas Senate Passes Bill to Remove Required Lessons on Civil Rights Movements from Public School Curriculums

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Guess they’re trying to use the ‘if we don’t talk about it, it didn’t happen’ strategy in schools.


#Fuck Abbott. Fuck the Texas Senate. I’m in Texas and you may ban it in the classroom but you bet your ass my kid will be learning about it. We won’t be erased, forgotten, or buried Hell. I’ll start a group that teaches kids, at their age appropriate levels, about it outside of school. I’m raging so hard right now. I almost don’t have words.


The “facts don’t care about your feelings” party sure loves letting their feelings get in the way of the facts


>drops requirements for teachers to include lessons on Cesar Chavez, Susan B. Anthony, the history of Native Americans, the writings of Martin Luther King, Jr. and other figures and documents in their curriculums. What the fuck is wrong with Texas?


Texan here. I think there’s a disconnect between Texans–who on the whole are a diverse group of folks, often liberal or at least moderate as evidenced by the millions of votes Biden got here–and the state government. I think Republicans are working very hard to delay the day when the state government represents more accurately the people.