The importance of faith in the majority of religions should be a dead giveaway that the claims are invalid.

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Christians take this notion a step further. Anything is forgivable except one thing and one thing only. According to the Bible that is blasphemy of the holy spirit. A simple Google search of this actually turns up a few explanations for what this one unforgivable sin entails: “conscious and hardened opposition to the truth.” It was once explained to me by a Christian pastor that blasphemy of the holy spirit is the exact opposite of faith. If an individual, instead of blindly believing in god, begins questioning his existence, opposing the “truth,” and leaning on reason, they run the risk of commiting this unforgivable sin. And permanently damning themselves to hell–unable to ever again be forgiven by God. Yes, this is how threatened they are by people thinking for themselves. You can rape women, chop up babies, beat your wife, take a shit in the goddamn holy water, whatever. Then bow your head and make your apologies to the invisible sky daddy. And all is forgiven. But if you doubt or ask too many questions, or think for yourself, you run the risk of blaspheming the holy spirit. And eternal unforgivable damnation. Imagine reason and critical thinking carrying the heaviest punishment. If that doesn’t reveal to us what they feel the most threatened by, then nothing will.


yeah… blind faith is pretty much all they have and worse they push it like it’s a virtue when in reality it’s a vice.


Dating a girl who likes to bring up her religion like once a month. Everyone thinks they “win” the argument but trust me, I win. The history, philosphy and even knowing the bible better than her and shes the one defending it… Eventually she goes “well you just gotta have faith”. She doesnt realize how funny it is that she thinks that’s a valid argument. Yeah. You just have to blindly believe in something and find ways to justify it. THEN you can debate the topic. The funnier tactic I do is just argue as if im from a different religion. She starts sounding like me because the other religions that arent hers dont make sense to her. Then when I say “thats how I feel about yours” she obviously says “well, thats different.”


Most people, theists in particular, have no concept of what having faith actually means: strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction **rather than proof.** “I have reasonable expectations based on evidence, I have trust that has been earned, I will grant trust tentatively. I don’t have faith, faith is the excuse people give for believing something when they don’t have evidence.” ― Matt Dillahunty


I thought that faith was in fact what made it a religion…., if it was provable it wouldn’t be a religion, it would be science.