The varied surface of Mars: A compilation of images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

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Would someone knowledgeable be willing to explain the coloration of the 4th and 5th segments from the right?


From my understanding this is not what it actually looks like, or how the images or data they’re composed of looks like. Is this correct? How are those images made, altered and composed. Is there any source on this? The data that op linked is just gibberish to me. Maybe somebody more knowledgeable could chime in and explain for people outside of the field?


Legit looks like alien world. I used to think that Mars is just a big orange planet filled with deserts but modern photos like these makes it much more interesting.


4th from the left looks almost wet. I wonder why it’s so shiny?


amazing sand and rocks the whole planet over , my ancestral jungle passion is over flowing on this