TIL actor Gary Busey caused delays filming a movie when he refused to be in a scene set in Heaven, claiming it looked nothing like the ‘real’ Heaven he had seen during a near-death experience. When another actor said they too had seen Heaven, and Busey’s description was wrong, the two came to blows

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The busey thing is honestly to be expected but tell me more about this other actor who matched busey’s energy until they fought


so uh…. what did they think heaven looked like?


He had a motorcycle accident that caused a skull fracture and permanent brain damaged- traumatic brain injury. As we get older these injuries can cause more issues. TBI can get worse as a person ages increasing risk of psychiatric issues and diseases. His life might have been totally different if he had worn a helmet. All that aside he is a brain damaged man (it can effect emotions and reactions), people need to show understanding and compassion like you would someone with dementia. It has to be difficult to be becoming a popular star and life is altered forever. He was in his 60s at the time of this. Understand his body and mind will age faster. This is not abnormal for him due to the TBI.


this is the movie where Gary Busey dies and comes back as a pomeranian.


Was his idea of heaven a line of coke that stretches as far as the eye can see?