TIL For the film Stargate, Kurt Russell was paid twice his going rate because he was the only actor at the time to have “zero unlikability” in a global poll.

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He is the best and most surprising Santa ever. Still 100% likeable.


My favourite fact about this movie is that Jay Davidson didn’t really want to act anymore (having been in one movie, the crying game for which he was nominated for an Oscar) so said he’d do it for a million thinking there was no way they’d say yes. They said yes and he does all of 15 minutes on screen before never acting again. I believe afterwards he went back to modelling and started a tattoo studio.


Still holding my breath for the sequel, “A little trouble in big China”.


He was a proper piece of shit in that Tarantino movie!!!


*In response to a deleted comment* > They should have gone with Richard Dean Anderson from the beginning No, Russell was perfect for the movie. In my mind, Stargate (the movie) and Stargate (the tv series) occur in two separate universes and are unrelated.