TIL In search for a new mathematical model to replace the decimal system, Gottfried Wilhelm von Liebniz read a 3000 year old Chinese book “I Ching”. Fascinated by the simplicity of Yin and Yang, Liebniz used this philosophy to create the binary number system.

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Article which doesn’t do clear research on the history of binary theory. First off there were many researchers like Harriott and Juan Lobkowitz who had similar binary theories defined before Leibniz. Secondly there were other civilizations like the Egyptian, Greek and Indian civilizations who had binary concepts much before the “I Ching” and related books were written.


While the article is kind of interesting (and several years old), they didn’t even manage to spell his name right… ((it’s Leibniz not Liebniz (that would be pronounced Leeb-nits and it is pronounced Lie-bnits))


I have an I-Ching calculator but it can’t provide any result higher than 7.


TIL the butter biscuits brand Leibniz name’s origin is related to this person


Not only that but he also described it as a universal language that could describe anything. Also invented calculus independently from Newton and published first.