TIL Norway hires sherpas from Nepal to build paths in the Norwegian mountains. They have completed over 300 projects, and their pay for one summer, equals 30 years of work in Nepal.

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I knew a young Nepalese couple here in Australia who planned to work hard for a decade or two (I forget the exact timeframe), saving up money. They said that when they returned home they would have enough money to live well in a big house with maids and servants and never have to work again.


I also saw a norwegian documentary about it. – This has also opened up more job-offers from other European countries. – The were very thankful for the job, seeing how dangerous it is to climb mount everest. Living standards in their village (Kunde) went up after they returned from Norway. – They also helped build houses as well as rock-paths. – Norway also build buddhist temples, for them to feel at home while they worked here for 6 months, away from their families.


Makes sense. When you have a country of people who perfected living on mountains for thousands of years, they’re the people to ask about mountain paths. Not saying Norwegions aren’t mountainous people. I’m saying their mountains ain’t shit compared to Nepal.


I love the cross-pollination at work here. Any other good examples of innate, localized expertise being utilized in a foreign environment that benefits both parties?


Yep, As a Nepalese it’s so hard to even get a job in nepal that most of the people have to go to different countries to get a job including myself. Even if you have a degree you have less chance to get a job than a guy who knows some higher-ups people. I just hope they never stop hiring sherpas.