TIL of the Hawaiian League. A secret society of businessmen and lawyers who staged the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Members were mostly non-native Hawaiians and U.S./British/German lawyers & business people. They forced Hawaii to adopt a constitution in their favor and ended the monarchy.

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Imperialists gonna imperialism.


America had high import dues at the time. Big fruit didn’t want to pay taxes on shipping their pineapples


Someone yelled at my husband for having the Hawaiian flag on his car as if he were a direct variant of Britain. They asked “why hadn’t Hawaii changed their flag now they’re part of America” and it was so sad that he thought Hawaii willingly joined our country and instead wasn’t stolen like ever other island on earth. If I were kidnapped into a bunch of idiots, I wouldn’t wear their uniforms.


Hawaii was also pretty advanced at the time. I believe the Honolulu palace had electricity before the White House. The places that were/are imperialized are often portrayed of as savage lands filled with people in loincloths in desperate need of civilization. But Hawaii was quite developed. Makes it more of a travesty what happened.


The Queen could have sent the Royal Marines to undo the coup, but some of them would have been wounded or killed. She didn’t want that to happen, so she did not do it. Local oral history. (Grew up on Oahu.)