TIL that Dan Grimaldi, who is best known for playing Patsy Parisi on “The Sopranos”, teaches in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Kingsborough Community College, as he has degrees in mathematics, operations research and data processing

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Here’s some standard operating procedure. Stay the fuck away from Tony Soprano, shut the fuck up and listen. It’s over. Capisce? Over and done. You call, or go anywhere near him or his family and they’ll be scraping your nipples off these fine leather seats. And here’s the point to remember: my face is the last one you’ll see, not Tony’s…we understand each other? It won’t be cinematic.


Tony Soprano went to Seton Hall for a semester and a half.


it won’t be cinematic.


Watching him pee in Tony’s pool was a classic.


He was my professor in Kingsborough. I asked him about his roles playing the twins in the Sopranos. He was a nice guy and a pretty good professor as well.