TIL that Florida had brought in 2 Irula tribesmen from India to catch the invasive Burmese pythons. When 1000 hunters were able to manage catching just 106 snakes, the duo caught 27 snakes in just 4 weeks, including a 16 ft long female.

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“In 2005, a Burmese python tried to swallow an alligator and exploded in the park, leaving both the predators dead.”


I’m aware there are probably a shit ton of liability concerns here, but you’d think someone would have offered these two significantly more money to try and train a young herpetologist or just someone willing to try to emulate their skills. Tribe of only 116,000, I believe, is what the article has said, and it appears the young people in the tribe are moving away from collecting snakes for a living. This is a skill level that’s probably going to vanish and the Everglades, among other places in the world, can’t have too much of it.


The story is all about pros vs volunteers.


Gosh, I guess the two men leave giant tracks in the marshes because of their massive set of balls. I once encountered a Burmese python in Indonesia, though not aware at first. Me and my gf were following a path through the ricefields and I always focussed a few yards ahead of my feet. But suddenly I decided to check my photo camera while walking and heard my gf say ‘Wth are you doing?!” I stopped walking, looked down and saw a snakes tail as thick as my arm between my feet, as the snake was crossing the path from the left to a ditch on the right side of the path. We never saw its head, it disappeared silently and no more than 3 seconds after we spotted it. We compared the pattern and color later on and realized it was a Burmese python. So yeah, I was very lucky to step over the animal and not accidentally on it.


Little do they know, out of the 1,000 hunters, only 2 were actually catching any. They caught all 106 while the rest offered moral support.