UK PM and chancellor U-turn: They now say they will isolate after uproar over ‘stupid’ plan to avoid staying home

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Boris plays this country like a shitty dungeon master who just invents shit as he goes.


Tories have proven time and again they don’t give a shit about people or the rules that should unilaterally apply to everyone. Hypocrisy is a feature. Cronyism is a feature. Brushing past rules and laws is a feature. None of these things are bugs because those are precisely the features for which they were funded into power, while the other parties wriggle like earthworms on a hot stove with no idea what is head and what is ass.


New Conservative three word slogan: Everybody > Gets > COVID


Honestly whatever PR person signed off on them not self-isolating should be fired… What an obviously terrible move right now.


The rules don’t apply to me.