[Using one delusion to support the other,] Mike Lindell says “God’s had his hand” in effort to overturn 2020 election

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What a weak ass god that couldn’t even overturn an election.


Why didn’t god just abracadabra up a lot more votes for the ex Liar in Chief, or send Biden into the afterlife before the election?


Mike Lindell is legitimately mentally ill. A lot of these people are grifters, but Lindell is just crazy. Listen to him talk sometime. He rambles on like the crackhead he used to be and claims he isn’t anymore.


So going by their logic (let’s all laugh together,) since the 2020 election wasn’t overturned, then that means God wanted Biden to be president.


God has one hand in women’s vaginas, so I guess that left the other one free for jack off Jack Offs.