Visited Mauna Kea on vacation and saw the Milky Way for the first time with my own eyes

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Tell the truth. That photograph does not do justice to the sky from the top of Mauna kea at night, right? We went there for our honeymoon and I dragged my new wife to the top of Mauna Kea… My bucket list. I couldn’t even make out most of the constellations, there were so many stars. Plus, they discovered a supernova while I was at the visitor Center and I got to look at it through a 16-in Mead Schmid-Cassegrain. All in all, It is a pretty amazing place.


Damn. This is truly a horrific commentary on the state of light pollution in the world today.


I’m retired from one of the observatories (NAOJ/Subaru) at the summit. The night sky here in Hawaii is simply stunning.


Who was your guide? We just did it a few weeks ago is why I ask. Insane coming from Minneapolis seeing the difference in sky