Vitamins: is there a maximum amount your body can absorb in one sitting?

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Short answer – yes, there is a limit. Longer answer – it depends on so many things and while an excess of some is harmless (like vitamin C), in others too much can be harmful (vitamin A)


From my understanding water soluble vitamins are peed out, fat soluble vitamins are stored until needed. Edit: that doesn’t mean you can’t OD! Too much vitamin A will kill you amongst other things. Don’t assume you’ll just pee out what you don’t need


There are many variables to this- what vitamin? What form? Bioavailability? Need/deficiency status?


Yes there’s a maximum. For water soluble vitamins you mostly excrete the excess. I had a biochem professor who joked that the anti cold remedy emergen-c was basically just “expensive pee”. Fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K aren’t excreted but are stored in adipose tissue and the liver can be very toxic and cause illness and even death after prolonged periods due to things like liver failure. Some minerals are also very dangerous in excess. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to their toxicity limits (ULs) when supplementing with them.


As an example, if you are very iron deficient, your body will absorb more than if you are not.