what is cheap right now but will become expensive in the near future?

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Cork, vanilla and many fish. The sources for them are not being properly maintained and are shrinking.


Relatively speaking, privacy


Sometimes when I eat fish I think about how it could be a scarce delicacy in the future that only rich people will get to enjoy.


“owning” devices. Companies are lobbying hard to fight right to repair legislation that would make it so you can’t actually fix your own devices or have a repair shop do it for you. It’s already pretty bad with companies like Apple, Tesla, and John Deere. They design stellar products but if ***anything*** goes wrong with them you’re almost always going to be told to buy a new one (apple) or to ship your heavy ass piece of machinery both ways for days to weeks to have it repaired when you should otherwise be able to do it yourself. Farmers are moving back to ancient tractors since they can fix them themselves and get parts for a reasonable price, or they’re using bootleg Polish JD software to bypass the DRM in their tractors so they can actually fix these things in a timely matter. Sometimes having a $100 sensor break in your tractor can cost you upwards of $5000 with shipping, rigging, and labour. Not to mention a potentially lost harvest if it takes too long to fix.


Chocolate or coffee