What is one computer skill that you are surprised many people don’t know how to do?

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Mute themselves on zoom calls.


A couple years ago my mom wanted to know how to better use computers, so she went to a class. She realized she didn’t belong there when the first lesson was teaching people to use a mouse and some of them just couldn’t figure it out.


taking screenshot


A recent phone conversation I had with my mother: Me: You just need to copy and paste it. Let me talk you through it. Her: There’s no point, I can’t do it. Me: It’s like two key presses. Her: It’s too complicated. Me: It’ll take 5 seconds. It’s easy. Her: It’s easy for you, you’re a computer programmer. I don’t have qualifications. Me: So what are you going to do next time you need to copy and paste something? Her: I’ll just put my laptop in the car and drive it over to your house and you can do it for me…


Considering the level of office work required in most corporate America, you’d be surprised by the number of people that don’t even have the basic understanding of simple office software.