What is the most important thing you realized during the pandemic?

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That even with a lot of free time I’m still a lazy mother fucker.


a lot of people are dumber than i thought


How much my daily routine truly benefitted my mental health. Not being able to get up, get dressed, go to classes, and just get on with life, really impacted me. I struggled to feel a sense of purpose ;-;


I worked for Sam’s Club for 5 years and quit just recently. I was there from the start of the pandemic. Throughout all of the pandemic my store was getting record sales in all the time I’ve been there and yet it was still not enough. We were understaffed, overworked, busting ass everyday to get shit done. All we got for our efforts was an extra 300 dollars every few months that they expected us to act so grateful for and constant pressure to keep doing better even though we could barely do the basics. I learned that that companies like Walmart are perfectly willing to exploit the situation of a global pandemic to make more money than they need and don’t give two shits about the the workers they bleed dry to do so.


Routine is really important for your sanity. Also people are really shit at interpreting data and statistics