What is the “One Rule” you promise yourself to NEVER break and why?

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Don’t ever try heroin unless I make it to 80 years old.


Never cheat, and don’t continue a relationship with someone who does.


I would never, ever cheat. And would never forgive someone that did cheat. There’s no point in a relationship if there’s no trust.


Never apologize for something I’m not genuinely sorry for.


I had a job interview for the family office of the man who invented Hot Pockets. Helping manage his assets, disbursements, charitable stuff etc. He was worth a couple billion at the time. Went through two interviews but didn’t get the job. I vowed never again to eat a Hot Pocket, and have kept this promise for close to 10 years now. Not that it’s that hard to do, but still crosses my mind when I see them in grocery stores.