What’s the scariest experience you’ve ever had at a gas station or rest stop?

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I’m a truck driver and I’ve posted this story on r/truckers before. I typically team drive, so we’re rolling basically all the time. My co-driver had a death in the family and took like a week off, so I was solo driving. Which means I had to stop every night to sleep. I was coming back to AZ from MA and stopped for the night at this sketch little truck stop on I-40 at the AZ, NM border. I had dinner and then got in the bunk to sleep. Now most trucks have a curtain between the cab and the sleeper berth, plus curtains that wrap around the inside of the cab windshield and side windows, with the idea being if you’re sleeping while your co-driver is driving, you close the sleeper curtain. If you’re parked and sleeping you close the cab curtains. It gives you more space. So, cab curtains closed, sleeper curtains open, I hit the bunk. Truck is idling for the AC. Some kind of noise wakes me up after being asleep for 4 or 5 hours. I’m waking up, a bit disoriented as I’m usually team driving. As I’m waking up, I see flashing red lights in the cab and I can hear the click-click, click-click of my hazard lights. They’re on! I knew I hadn’t left them on, kind of freaked out as I realize only one way they could be on, someone pushed the switch and it wasn’t me! I jump up and grab what I keep for protection in the truck. I look into the cab. Sure enough, hazards are on. Then I notice that my GPS unit is missing off the dash! Shit! Someone has been in my truck while I’ve been sleeping! I move up into the drivers seat and pull the curtain back, peering outside expecting to see some scumbag running off with my GPS and whatever else. Everything seems quiet but it’s pretty dark. I open the curtains more, turn on my headlights and get a better look around. I see nothing. Shit I think, they’re gone. My $500 truck GPS is gone, probably other stuff is gone. I think to check the doors, they’re both locked. WTF, how could that be? I look down and see my GPS unit hanging by the power cord. The suction cup came loose, the GPS fell off the dash and hit the hazard lights button on the way down. Sonofabitch!! What are the chances? I didn’t sleep very well the rest of that night. Kind of funny now, but it scared me pretty good that night. I like team driving better! Edit: deleted some repeated words.


Working at a gas station. This lady came in through the front door and said she was having a problem out at the pumps. She’d clicked the lever that let the nozzle keep pumping gas, but then somehow managed to pull the nozzle out of her car’s receptacle. Not knowing what to do, she walked to the store and told me about it. I thought she’d just spilled a little gas on the pad, but no…she’d left the nozzle on the ground, spilling gallons of fuel onto the pad. By the time I got out there, it was a pool of flammable liquid. Holy shit. Shut down the pumps, evacuate the area, call the fire department. No, ma’am, don’t get into your car and drive away. Don’t touch anything. The FD showed up and said “wow…we’ve never seen anything this bad.” Fortunately, the gas station didn’t blow up. Took a few hours to clean up the mess. In the middle of an Arizona summer. In 100 degree heat.


This is probably the reverse of what people expect to read here. It’s not like it’s a spooky horrifying experience, just my scariest experience. Some friends and I wanted some snacks from corner store/gas station, I was sitting in the back right seat… so pulled up near the front and dropped me off in and out… So anyways I grab all the snacks and come back out and enter back into the car and before / while entering I can’t see my friends in the front…. huh? Anyways I continue to enter the car and sit down look to my left and there’s a little kid just sitting there staring at me. I was the stranger. I entered the exact same car model/color where it dropped me off like 1 minute earlier but it was not my friends vehicle…. all I could think is that some dad is about explode on me… so I quickly get out of the vehicle and spot my friends parked just ahead in a parking spot now and quickly head over and recount what just happened. So that may have been my scariest experience and that kids scariest experience.


20 years ago I worked at a marina gas dock. Guy comes in to get his boat filled What no one knew was that the guys who had just finished fixing his boat hadn’t properly reconnected up his gas lines. So as my coworker was pumping gas into his boat, the gas isn’t going into his fuel tank, but was instead flowing into his bilge Then the bilge pump automatically kicked in to deal with the rising ‘water’ level inside the boat. Had that pump sparked, the fireball would have burned us all to dust. Instead it just created a bit of an ecological nightmare as all the gas that we’d pumped into the boat got pumped out into the lake.


Was working at a chain gas station (think it rhymes with freeway) and this guy walks in and comes to the counter with four very large alcoholic beverages. I can see he’s already lit and I started to talk to him a bit. I was hoping he was living around the block or something but he calmly stated he was on his way somewhere that was easily three hours away. I thought to myself oh no your not. I called the non emergency police number and reported him as a drunk driver. They got him and he blew over three times the legal limit. I probably saved his life that night. I showed up to the court date and he took a plea deal. They threw the book at him too. I was scared because I had never actively tried to do something like that before but I felt obligated to phone it in. I’m not sorry I did it either