Why it’s (almost) impossible to argue with the right | The right only debates with itself: their view and their version of the left. Fighting with that is near impossible

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The first thing a cult teaches it’s members is, **do not listen to anyone outside of the cult.**


“There is no real debate and certainly no dialogue, because the entire game is to offer up a distorted version of a position, then freak out about it.” That says it all. It’s about money and power. And freaking out their base daily is how they increase both. None of them believe any of their own crap.


Then there’s the Fake News debate issue. Say you’re trying to disprove a view that someone on the right holds. The typical method of doing this is to produce evidence to convince them. However, any evidence you produce will be dismissed as fake because it comes from a liberal news source – where “liberal news source” includes anything left of FOX News. This includes sources like Associated Press and actual videos. Unless you can cobble your point together using only FOX News, Newsmax, and Breitbart, they won’t listen. You could assemble enough evidence to write a master’s level thesis paper, but it won’t be good enough if it doesn’t come from their pre-approved sources.


Just look a /r/conservative – they debate anti-left “satire” all day long.


> They have conjured an imagined monster to scare the American people and project themselves as the nation’s defenders from that fictional monster. Always the victims. Any marginalized group who fights for their freedoms is met with the right saying, “No, actually we are the ones marginalized.” You could be on fire and they would point out that the smoke is hurting their eyes.