Why they tell you not to question.

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Christian here. I recently started questioning my faith, and I too noticed that a lot of the things I was taught don’t make sense. It even says in the Bible ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding’. It really does seem like it’s all about control and blindly following what they say.


In my opinion, something that is not to be questioned is not to be trusted.


It’s all about control. You can’t question authority, otherwise they don’t control you. Even in politics, no one likes an independent thinker; they want you to vote for THEM without thinking.


The church I grew up in even made a point of it. “If you have a huge plate-glass window with a tiny bb hole in it, you still have to replace the whole window.” Which might explain why they defended minute bits of their interpreted version of the Bible so strictly, but made it incredibly hard for me to mentally defend it when holes started to appear. And here I am, the window completely shattered. It was an opaque and distorted window anyway, good riddance.


It is not weird at all that high control organizations punish free thinkers. Religions, including Christianity, are just sets of ideas. These sets of ideas can be considered as infecting and controlling hosts, which are human minds. The set instances that are more transmissible and retain greater control over their host organisms propagate more effectively and tend to out-compete other sets. Transmission can be horizontal, through conversion, or vertical, through indoctrination of offspring. There are ways to maximize both methods. Effective religions also have concepts that form an immune system for the idea set to suppress competing ideas in the set of hosts. This is the part relevant to your observation. This might include components dogmatically rejecting contradictory ideas such as competing religions. It might also encode rejection of more abstract concepts such as science and critical thinking, as they might lead to questioning the core ideas. They also include ideas about expelling or punishing people in the ingroup who question the idea set, we might call those free thinkers. The sacrifice of one host to protect the control over the remainder will of course be selected for in competing religions. By sacrifice here I of course mean excising that host from the ingroup and giving up on it but historically such people were even literally killed. Other immune system components include use of manipulative thought-terminating cliches. Religions that can retain greater thought control of the hosts through the immunization components are more persistent in the space of hosts. The idea sets are of course dynamic and evolving so you always see new variations or reframing. Simple really.