$10 million in student debt is wiped out for 2,500 South Carolina students using stimulus funds

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I had about $150k in student loans when I got out back in 2008. I’ve had 0 forgiven to date. I’ve paid my loans down to about 90k. I have received zero loan forgiveness. I am 100% behind everyone that has been the recipient of loan forgiveness. If Biden made an executive order wiping out all student loan forgiveness except that for Sariel007 I’d wonder what the fuck I did, but still celebrate the people that got relief. Me trying to hold people down doesn’t make my life better. A better America makes my life better. Student loan forgiveness is only part of the problem. Making college affordable is the other half and that is part of President Biden’s plan.


I work for a large state university the amount of waste that takes place is egregious. Well we have the budget so we have to spent it or our budget goes down. It’s all about 20m new capital projects for new buildings. Half the employees sit on their ass and watch Netflix all day. There are 150 people in my department, most of them making well over 6 figures. We get 52 days off a year with incredible health and retirement benefits. If you had motivated competent employees you could cut our department in half, saving millions.


> Last week, South Carolina’s only public Historically Black College or University (HBCU) announced it was wiping out $9.8 million in student debt, clearing the account balances of more than 2,500 students who were previously unable to afford returning to college. According to the press release, the vast majority of students who received notification of debt cancellation were either not yet registered for the next semester because of past-due account balances, or who have stopped attending college entirely because they couldn’t afford to pay. […] > Leslie Young, a freshman at South Carolina State, said in the press release that without this debt cancellation, she would have had to sit out on the next semester. > “Honestly, hearing this news brings tears to my eyes,” Young said. “My family is very low income. I was in a deep depression because school means everything to me. Without it, I felt like I was giving up on my dreams.” Awesome News! Glad to see more schools are starting to do this across the country. Everyone deserves a chance to fulfill their dreams without financial barriers getting in the way. 🙌🏽


As someone who is still paying student loans, I would not even notice $4000 ($10 mil / 2500) knocked off the principal of my loan.


I’m in the minority, but I’m 100% against student loan forgiveness. Not because of the whole ‘I got mine so fuck the other guy’ but simply because they haven’t solved the problem that caused this. We can’t go around forgiving student loans every Democrat administration. A long hard look at what caused the student loan crisis to begin with (unaffordable higher education and unchecked predatory loans to pay for predatory institutions) and then actual changes done to ensure it doesn’t happen again and that people going forward can get the same education as those who had their loans forgiven for free. But until that happens this is pointless. We’ll be right back here in 2 years with another set of people with the exact same problem with nothing being done to solve it and ensure it doesn’t happen again. In the meantime, the federal government should purchase all the outstanding debt, set it to have 0 interest rate, and allow people to pay back a minimal amount each year based off their income (2-5% of each check for example).