A bug’s life: Millimeter-tall mountains on neutron stars. New models of neutron stars show that their tallest mountains may be only fractions of millimeters high – one hundred times smaller than previous estimates., due to the huge gravity on the ultra-dense objects.

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I’m guessing that this would make them among the most perfectly spherical objects in the universe?


So there has long been a belief that the mountains could be inches high (10cm or even more), which would be tall enough that we would be able to detect their signatures with future gravitational wave observatories. Currently we can only detect gravitational waves from binary death spirals so the prospect of seeing them from isolated, static sources would be interesting. Such small mountains as these would be much more difficult to detect however.


What’s the density of a neutron star? Are they like really big atom nuclei?


Still probably just as massive as the mountains on earth


stars don’t have solid surfaces right? I just assumed stars are basically perfectly round balls of liquid plasma with liquid denser elements at its core