A man wanted to try 69 with his girlfriend

Right in the middle the man realizes he has a dentist appointment. So he pops up and heads to the bathroom. He brushes his teeth 3 times. He uses mouth wash twice and flosses once for good measure. He gets to the dentist office just in time and his dentist calls him in. Dentist says open wide. Feeling confident he opens his mouth wide. The dentist gets close and says “have you been 69’ing?” The man shocked quickly ask, “why does my breath smell like pussy?” “No”, the dentist replies, “your forehead smells like shit.”

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“Hey shit head!”


How can you tell if your roommate is gay? His dick tastes like shit


2 liters of mouthwash jesus Kevin tell your girl to take a shower


Great joke! But when I tell it I’m going to replace forehead with nose.


Oh it is the poop forehead guy agian!