A woman was forced to choose between two suitors to wed.

The first man was about 4 foot 5 tall and ran a very successful store that sold many fruits and vegetables. The other man was disgusting. He was covered head to toe in boils and bedsores and smelled awful. He had not ever even seen a bath. He was pretty much the most foul human you could imagine. Yet the woman wed the second man. Because no matter how gross you pictured him to be… The first man was just a little grocer.

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That was a good pun. Haven’t heard (or seen) it yet, so well done


It sounds like a Rocky and Bullwinkle joke. That is meant as a compliment. “And now here’s something we hope you’ll really like”


No matter how well behaved your children are German children will always be kinder.


*angry upvote*


I love it!