All children should wear masks in school this fall, even if vaccinated, according to pediatrics group

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As a high school teacher, I don’t know if I can take another year of being the “mask police.”


Good luck with that. I teach and last school year they waited until the last 4 weeks of school to make masks optional for kids (because the last few weeks aren’t chaotic enough). They caved in to parents and had us redo the seating charts. Now guess who’s gotta tell Jimmy he can’t sit with the rest of the class because he’s not wearing a mask? Some of the kids would ask me for a mask so that they didn’t feel stigmatized or excluded. It’s so fucked up.


Nope. Not going back. Vaccines are the goal, not masking forever. I loved masks, wore them all the time. Stayed home. Saw no one. My kids saw no one. Now they’re vaccinated and we trust the vaccines. My two youngest will be homeschooled or wear masks, but there’s no reason a fully vaccinated non-immune-compromised person needs to wear a mask. We wear them where required, of course. I’m not masking for the rest of my life because some people can’t/won’t get the vaccine. Edit: RIP my inbox. I can’t keep up. Keep an eye on your local cases, and act accordingly. Be well.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initially tracked all breakthrough infections, as of May 1 the agency shifted to only tracking those linked to hospitalization or death. At that point, its tally had topped 10,000. I expect this number to rise significantly once back in school. I’m not as concerned for the healthy students and teachers as I am with their live-in family members. The chance that an immunocompromised person is living with a school aged child is quite high. But even more alarming is that people with high blood pressure, liver disease / enlarged liver, and diabetes are especially susceptible to a serious complication even if vaccinated. That’s about 1/4 of our entire adult population.


The biggest frustration I have is the CDC says one thing now the American Academy of Pediatrics says another. There are too many chefs in the kitchen. I get some people will scream about personal freedom til kingdom come but for the rest of us who want guidance and direction on how to end this pandemic this lack of leadership and clear direction is incredibly frustrating.